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- Isaac T. Culbert; head; b.c. 1880, New York; p.b. PA
- Fannie B. Culbert, wife, b.c. 1885, New York
- Taylor Culbert, son, b.c. 1918, New York
- Barbara Culbert, daughter, b.c. 1922, New Jersey
- Margaret McGill; b.c. 1893 
BLAUVELT, Fannie A. (I3465)
2 Edward Culbert and Robert Carr were brought up in custody of Sub-Constable Flanagan, charged - the former with having assaulted a woman named Ann McLean, and the latter with having assaulted a woman named Alice Connolly.
Ann Mclean was examined and deposed that she lived on Walker Lane. The prisoners came into the house under the influence of drink, and Culbert cursed the Pope. He kicked her on the side, and bit one of her fingers.
Ann Connolly was examined, and said that when Culbert commenced to talk about religion and curse the Pope, she objected to such language being used in the house. Culbert then broke the delf on the table, and kicked the last complainant. Carr knocked witness down and kicked her.
The prisoners, in defence, said they were drunk at the time, or they would not have gone into the woman's house.
Mr. Orme - We would have nothing to do here but for drink. That is the plea of almost every person who stands in your position, from day to day. They would not be there but for drink. Such a plea, in my opinion, is an aggravation of the offence.
The prisoners were each fined in 20s. and 10s. costs; or, in default, one month's imprisonment.  
CULBERT, Edward (I25636)
3 Fire which roared through two buildings almost in the heart of Nelsonville Sunday night caused an estimated $290,000 according to a preliminary investigation concluded by State Policeman Frank Hallock and Edward P. Kelly. Working the night patrol out of Fishkill, the two troopers spent several hours at the scene. According to the State Police the loss to Standard Plastics Company structure, equipment and stock was fixed at $190,000 while the almost totally destroyed Philipstown Garage loss was put at about -100,000. it was reported that at least one new sedan was burned in the fire. Troopers identified the Plastics Company owner as Herbert Wittels, Route 52, Hopewell Junction. The Philipstown Garage was owned by Edward Culbert of Nelsonville, who reportedly left a few days ago for a vacation in Vermont. Mr. Wittels, the State Police explained, sustained a cut on the wrist when he was trying to open a rear door to the factory for the firemen.
Used by Club
No definite cause was given for the fire, probably the largest in Nelsonville history. The flames could be seen from some high points as far north as Fishkill. The State Police investigation developed the theory it may have started from sparks from an acetylene torch. Troopers learned that a rear shed attached to the Philipstown Garage had been used by the Road Aces, a club of young "hot rod" owners of the area. Althought no one was in the Aces shed when the fire started, troopers said it was reported some of the young men had been there during the day. Unofficially, it was tools belonging to the Road Aces learned that three cars and a quantity of recently purchased were destroyed.[sic] Troopers said the fire started in the rear of the garage in the vicinity of the hot rodders' work shop. Trooper Hallock said: "It was certainly a hot fire." He said when firemen first arrived at the blaze they were forced to stand off about 100 feet because of the intensity of the heat. The fire had almost advanced to an inferno before being discovered. State Police and spectators at the scene praised the heroic work of the several hundred firemen. One Cold Spring official told The News this morning that "you could feel the heat two blocks away."
Save Mayor's Home
Troopers said that the side and front walls of the garage structure, although buckling in some sections, remained intact for the most part. They served as a shield against the flames jumping to other buildings including the home of Nelsonville's mayor, Winslow (Tink) Mekeel. Trooper Hallock said he was told by a fireman that the heat was so terrific that it melted a section of hose. He said the factory building was completely burned out while the garage was ruined. Included in the loss in the factory was -6,000 in poker chips. They had been packed and ready for shipment this morning, the State Police reported. State Police said a nearby resident reported that everything seemed to be in order at the two buildings at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The alarm was turned in about 9:40 p.m. 
CULBERT, Edward Webber (I16376)
4 Garage, Factory Burn; See $290,000 Loss
A spectacular fire completely destroyed the Phillipstown Garage and extensively damaged the Standard Plastics Company building on Garrison Road, just off Nelsonville's Main Street, shortly after 9 p.m. Sunday. The fire, which caused damage that will run into the tens of thousands of dollars, was still raging fiercely at midnight. The Philipstown Garage, owned by Edward Culbert, was levelled to the ground except for two gaunt walls which remained standing late last night. It was said unofficially that the garage had conatined some new cars. Mr. Culbert was said by fire officials at the scene to be a sub-dealer in new cars. James Hoffman, Nelsonville Fire Chief, was not immediately able to pinpoint the cause of the fire, although he theorized it started in the back part of the garage, possibly near the grease pit. That part of the building was destroyed first.
Six Companies at Scene
The fire, probably the worst in the village's history, was out of control at its discovery and Nelsonville firemen summoned assistance. Responding to the call were Cold Spring, Garrison, Fishkill, Beacon Engine and Peekskill companies. During the early part of the fire, flames were licking 200 feet into the air and more than 1,000 spectators were attracted to the scene. A multitude of flying sparks endangered nearby buildings but no secondary fires had been reported late last night. At lease[sic] 300 firemen were engaged in combatting the blaze. Fire Chief James Sullivan of Beacon, who responded with Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Pomerico and the Beacon Engine apparatus, estimated that at least 100 Beacon Firemen from all three city fire companies were at the scene. Other officials assisting in firefighting direction were Chief John Merante of the Cold Spring Fire Department and Chief Robert Roda of Garrison. The garage was approzimately 150 by 200 feet in dimension, two stories in height. It was of brick and frame construction and, fortunately, one of the brick walls still standing late last night was immediately adjacent to a home, which probably was saved because the brick wall refused to crumble.
Company Formerly Here
The plastic company which formerly leased space on Eliza St. in Beacon, was of brick and concrete block construction and its sheel[sic] showed little evidence of damage. However, shortly before midnight firemen were still pouring water into that structure in an attempt to extinguish flames and it is expected its damage will be considerable. Fire also largely destroyed the roof of that building. Firemen drew water from every concievable source and complained of poor pressure. In addition to taking water from the village mains, they also utilized a brook, which they drained, and a private swimming pool on an adjacent street. It was reported that one of the trucks also went to the river for more water. One of the Haldane Central School busses usually is stored in the Philipstown Garage, a member of the school board said at the scene, but fortunately it was in Poughkeepsie for servicing at the time of the fire. Responding to the fire with the Protection Engine Company of Fishkill was a Sloper-Willen ambulance. At least three fire-fighters were members of the clergy. They were identified as Father Roch Mullen, Capuchin Fatehrs, Garrison; Father Alcuin Egan, Graymore; and the Rev. Carlton Lee, Episcopal minister from Garrison. 
CULBERT, Edward Webber (I16376)
5 Re. James CULBERT died on 13/09/1922 in Carleton, aged 88. His Birth Year given as 1834. The death cert for James Culbert - Died -13 Sept 1922 - says born Ireland. Father Patrick. [ref. Note: the image attached to this record is wrong. "New Brunswick Provincial Deaths, 1815-1938," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 3 November 2015), James Culbert, 13 Sep 1922; citing , Carleton, New Brunswick, certificate 002521, Provincial Archives, Fredericton; FHL microfilm 2,134,612.]
I am trying to trace a James CULBERT, possibly born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, about the same time, except there is no evidence to support this, nor details of his parents. He was still resident in England in 1856, however, when he was released from prison on the 31st December in that year. There are no further details in England from then onwards. I have searched 19th Century British Library Newspapers and there is the one reference in the Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Chronicle dated 05/01/1850 describing his escape from Parkhurst Prison and subsequent burglaries. His date of birth I have deduced from his age at his trial and the date of the trial, thus the 1832/1835 profile. And The National Archives confirmed that he had been given a licence to be released early from prison.

CULBERT, James (I24779)
6 Teenage friends Johnny Lee Culbert II and Steven Rodriguez were drinking 40-ounce beers in a wooded area along Ecorse Creek in Lincoln Park in the early morning hours of May 25. But something went wrong. And though why it happened isn't clear, police say Rodriguez, 15, turned on his friend, beating Culbert, 19, of Lincoln Park to death with a tree branch. Afterward, police said Rodriguez, also of Lincoln Park, threw the beer bottles into Ecorse Creek, took Culbert's money and went to another friend's house to clean the blood off his clothes. Police found Culbert lying face up in about 10 inches of water with a branch protruding from his mouth and a gaping wound on the side of his head. Lincoln Park District Judge David Bajorek ordered Rodriguez on Thursday to stand trial on second-degree and felony murder charges in Culbert's death. Though he is 15, he is charged as an adult. Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Molly Kettler said
Rodriguez lured a vulnerable, drunken Culbert behind the businesses on Dix near Outer Drive to kill him. Culbert had a blood-alcohol level of 0.24%, according to the county medical examiner's toxicology report -- three times the level at which a person is considered too drunk to drive. Kevin Ernst, Rodriguez's lawyer, began constructing a self-defense case, saying Culbert had a drinking problem that made him prone to violence. He also said Culbert first attacked Rodriguez and tried to choke him. Rodriguez may have used excessive force in defending himself, Ernst said, but that warrants a voluntary manslaughter charge, not first-degree murder. Lincoln Park police Lt. Ron Szlay said Rodriguez told police that he and Culbert got into an argument and that Culbert began choking him. Szlay said Rodriguez told police that he then began punching Culbert, but he kept coming at him. So Rodriguez found a branch, shoved it in Culbert's mouth and then beat Culbert with another branch, Szlay said. Rodriguez told police he hit Culbert "lots of times," although the autopsy was inconclusive as to the exact number. But the question of whether Culbert attacked Rodriguez first is disputed. Szlay said he saw no signs of injuries to Rodriguez. "It takes a lot -- a lot -- to beat somebody to death, especially if you're smaller than them, especially if they're struggling," Kettler said during the hearing. "This was a vicious, vicious, vicious attack." But Ernst said the situation obviously was self-defense. "He's a man," he said of Culbert after the hearing. "My guy's a boy. And he's choking him. That seems like self-defense to me." Rodriguez is being held without bond at the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility. Culbert's mother, Regina Whyte, and other family and friends at the hearing wore T-shirts with Culbert's photo. Whyte said she had known Rodriguez for a year and that he even had lived in her home for part of that time. Rodriguez had run away and Culbert asked her to let him stay in their house so he wouldn't have to live on the street, Whyte said. Rodriguez had been charged with first-degree murder and felony murder, but Bajorek ruled there was insufficient evidence of premeditation to warrant that charge. An arraignment is set for July 6. 
CULBERT, Johnny Lee II (I9148)
7 William Moore was indicted for that he, on the 18th April 1860, at Lisburn, did marry one Jane Leathem, and on the 21st July last did also marry Eliza Jane Culbert, his former wife being then alive. The prisoner pleaded not guilty.
Messrs. Birney and Mclean appeared for the Crown, and Mr. Rea for the prisoner.
Henry Major, Registrar, Lisburn, deposed that he married the prisoner on the 18th April, 1860. He gave the name of William Dickson, and the woman to whom he was married gave the name of Jane Dickson.
Silas Leathem said he was a witness to the marriage at Lisburn. The bride was his sister. He heard the prisoner give the name of William Dickson, and the woman the name of Jane Dickson. Knew the man's name was William Moore.
To Mr. Rea - I knew this man's name was Moore. I did not know that the prisoner had given the name of Dickson until the marriage entry was being read over by Mr. Major.
To a Juror - The reason I believed that the prisoner gave the name of Dickson was that he did not wish the woman's brother to know of the marriage, as he had prevented Moore on a previous occasion from marrying his sister.
Mary Leathem, wife of last witness, said that she was present at the marriage of her sister-in-law. There were two children born by the marriage.
To Mr. Rea - I heard they afterwards separated, and that each took a child.
Eliza Jane Culbert deposed that she was married to the prisoner in the Registry office in Belfast, on Saturday, the 21st of July last. He gave the name of William Moore.
James Cleland, Registrar at Belfast, proved having married Wm. Moore and Eliza Jane Culbert according to the usual form.
His Worship - Is there any religious ceremony.[sic]
Witness - No Sir. it is a civil act.
Mr. Rea - I believe you do more business than all the clergymen in Belfast put together?[sic]
Witness - No; I think not. I have married two pair in one day. I could not mistake this man for a William Thompson who was married on the same day.
Ann Ryans and Samuel Crothers deposed to their being present at the last marriage.
Mr. Rea said that, according to the Act of parliament, a notice of marriage should be given to the Registrar. In the case of the first marriage, both parties gave wrong names in the notice - the prisoner gave the name of William Dickson, and the woman that of Jane Dickson, spinster, her proper name being Jane Leathem. He submitted that there was, thereupon, no legal notice, and that the marriage was void.
His Worship ruled against Mr. Rea. He would, however, take not of the point.
The jury found the prisoner guilty.
His Worship, in sentencing the prisoner, said there was no greater offence known to the law - at least, no offence that struck at the root of the well-being of society - more than that which the prisoner had been found guilty. He deceived the second woman he married, and led her to believe she was his wife, while he knew she was not. The poor woman was thus cast upon the world, and all by him. He was married before. He knew he was married before, and yet asked the woman to become his wife, when he knew she could not. The prisoner must be taught - people must be taught - that this was an offence the most grievous to society. The sentence of the Court was that the prisoner be imprisoned for twelve calendar months. 
Family F7684
8 "Ed Culbert of Culbert Brothers, Amador City, passed through Willow Springs one day last week with his fine lot of horses & mules, which were brought from the mountain range to graze on the stubble at their Buckeye ranch. Ed is a very good busesslike boy." [Amador Dispatch, October 13, 1899, Jackson, Amador Co., California]

1900 U.S. Federal Census, E.D. 8, Township 4, West Sutter Creek and North Amador Precincts, Amador County, California, sheet 13B, family 302
- Edward M. Culbert; head; M; S; 29; b. Sep 1871, California; p.b. MO
- Eliza J. Culbert; mother; F; W; 57; b. Nov 1843, Missouri, f.b. VA; m.b. KY; 8 children- 8 living
- Robert D. Culbert; brother; M; S; 23; b. Feb 1877, California; p.b. MO
- Elizabeth J. Culbert; sister; F; S; 27; b. Oct 1873, California; p.b. MO
- Carsey V. Culbert; sister; F; S.; 22; b. Sep 1878, California; p.b. MO
- Cora E. Culbert; sister; F; S; 22; b. Sep 1878, California; p.b. MO
- Thomas L. Culbert; brother; M; S; 16; b. May 1884, California, p.b. MO
- Mary Esola; boarder; F; 24; b. California
- George C. Davis; boarder; M; 45; b. California
- Robert D. Myers; boarder; M; 45; b. Missouri
- Austin Taylor; boarder; M; 36; b. California
- Charles Ehler; boarder; M; 34; b. Missouri
- John Gillett; boarder; M; 45; b. California
- Paul Delporto; boarder; M; 38; b. Italy

1930 U.S. Federal census - INDEX - Amador City, Amador County, California, U.S.A.
- Edwin(sic) Culbert, head, b.c. 1871, California 
CULBERT, Edward M. (I11519)
9 "Groom's name: Richard LONG
Groom's age: 24
Groom's birth place: W. Gwillimbury
Groom's residence at marriage: Tecumseth
Groom's parents: James & Ann LONG
Bride's name: Elizth SOMERSET
Bride's age: 21
Bride's birthplace: Chinguacousy
Bride's residence at marriage: King
Bride's parents: John & Ellen SOMERSET
Witnesses: Robt CULBERT of Tecumseth & Agnes SOMERSET of King
Date and place of marriage: 24 Mar 1858" 
CULBERT, Robert (I16874)
10 "History of Rossendale United Church: 1907-2000" [Manitoba, Canada] [image]
"Previous to the building of the present church, worship was held in a little log schoolhouse one mile north and one half mile east of the present village, then known as Loveville. Members agreed to build the church on the lot donated by Mr. William Moffatt. Rosendale church was officially opened on the last Sunday in June 1907. Two ministers, Rev. D. R. Lowry (Presbyterian) and Mr. Abegglen (Methodist) served the field at that time. The charge included several points until 1972 when we became a single charge holding services from Easter until Christmas. Many ministers, ordained, student and lay have served their church over the years. The first organist was Miss Elizabeth CULBERT followed by Mrs. T.A. Sloan, Mr. Louis Ford, Mrs. T.N. Ferguson, Mrs. Margaret Watson and presently Mrs. Margaret Woodward. The first Secretary Treasurer was Mr. R.C. CULBERT followed by Mr. A.B. CULBERT, Mr. James CULBERT and Mrs. Margaret Watson. Mr. Marb Ward became treasurer succeeded by Mr. Carl McGregor, Mrs. Margaret Watson and Mrs. Lynn Hayward while Mrs. Betty Dromun was Secretary. Mrs. Marion MacDougall assumed Secretary Treasurer duties. Mrs. Katherine Anderson presently serves as Secretary, while Mr. James Dickson has assumed treasurer's duties. The present board is Robert Moffat (chair), Carl McGregor, Margaret Watson, Enid Thompson, Maxine Schroeder, Lee Tomchuk, Jim Dickson, Ed Tomchuck, Katherine Anderson, Freda Moffat, and Dixie Tomchuk. Over the years our church had been faithfully supported by friends of the community. Our Women's Group, though the name changed, has served the needs of our congregation with unchanging efforts. The executive of the U.C.W. is currently Maxine Schroeder, Catharina Allen, Margaret Watson, Margaret Woodward, Mary Sylvester, Freda Moffatt and Norah Nicoll. In 1986 our church was moved to a new foundation on the south side of our property. Since then, we have had electric heat and new windows installed. Memorial stained glass windows were purchased by individual families; the U.C.W. donated an electric organ. In the spring of 2000 the church had vinyl siding added, and a successful planting party added trees, shrubs, and flowers to beautify the grounds. We are proud of our little church "By the Side of the Road" and we thank God for the men and women of the past and present, who, by their dedication have kept this church alive. We look forward to the future, asking God's blessing on this Rossendale United Church and its congregation."
[Last Viewed: Sep 15, 2004]
[see also:] 
CULBERT, R.C. (I14007)
11 "I have an old photo of my grandfather pictured with Newton Culbert. Both young men appear to be in their late teens, early twenties, making the photo date likely to be in the early 1900s. There is also a photo of the pair with 3 other cronie,ll 5 wearing derby hats and suits and looking quite dapper, with sneers and cigars. My grandfather [lived] in Johnstown, PA, but moved to Lorain OH sometime in his twenties, or even thirties, perhaps. From: "B.David Wagner" October, 2001, of Lancaster, PA CULBERT, Newton (I10214)
12 "M. B. Church came from Connecticut in '49, and to Drytown in '50, and from the very beginning was prominent in county affairs. Both Mr. and Mrs. Church were highly educated, and were both teachers. Mr. Church was Justice of the Peace for yea, and later Coroner and Public Administrator, serving until death called him. Of the several children born, Thomas (Tom) married Gertude CULBERT, and their home was for a score of years, in Honolulu, where Mr. Church was identified with the Alexander sugar interests. During the war, when it seemed impossible to get sugar and sweets to the war torn countries, he was called to Washington, and devoted his energies to forwarding this work. His health broke under the strain, and in New York, Major Thomas Church died. Mrs. Church now lives in Amador City." [History of Amador County, 1927, pp. 97-98] CHURCH, Thomas M. (I6437)
13 "Mother came by her nickname on the ranch when she was a baby. One of the ranch hands came to view the new baby and said, 'she is as pretty and white as a little snowbird'
.and it stuck."
Marilyn Owens Cepeda, Email:, Nov 2005 
CULBERT, Sara (I4199)
14 "Mr. and Mrs. John CULBERT entertained at Sunday dinner in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Reid Cook of Chicago the following: Mr. and Mrs. N.B. Case, Mr. and Mrs. Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Case of Danville."
[Rossville Press, Vermilion County, Illinois, July 12, 1923] 
CULBERT, John C. (I24723)
15 "Name of parties married: William CARUTHERS & Margaret CULBERT
Residence: both of West Gwillimbury
Where married:
Date: 2 Jan 1855
Authority: by license
Witnesses: Robert GO??LAY & John CAMPBELL
Residence: [blank]"
"Groom's name: Henry McCABE
Groom's age: 24
Groom's birth place: Ireland
Groom's residence at marriage: Tecumseth
Groom's parents: Henry & Ellen McCABE
Bride's name: Charlotte OSMAN
Bride's age: 26
Bride's birthplace: Tecumseth
Bride's residence at marriage: same
Bride's parents: John & Fanny OSMAN
Witnesses: Alex LYDIE of Tecumseth & Margt CULBERT of W. Gwillimbury
Date and place of marriage: 9 Sep 1858" 
CULBERT, Margaret (I4890)
16 "United States Census, 1910," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 15 Jan 2013), Stephen V Ohara, Rochester Ward 21, Monroe, New York; citing sheet 10A, family 211, NARA microfilm publicatin624, FHL microfilm 1375006.
name: Stephen V Ohara
birthplace: New York
relationship to head of household: Self
residence: Rochester Ward 21, Monroe, New York
marital status: Married
race : White
gender: Male
immigration year:
father's birthplace: New York
mother's birthplace: New York
family number: 211
page number: 10
Household Gender Age Birthplace
self Stephen V Ohara M 26y New York
wife Mary A Ohara F 38y England
Patrick Culvert[sic] M 66y Ireland

Stephen O'Hara not found in the 1930 U.S. Federal census 
O'HARA, Stephen V. (I12073)
17 "WEDDING: At the home of Mrs. E.L.(sic) CULBERT of Amador City, Miss Elizabeth J. Culbert & Mr. Charles E. BUNKER were married. Mr. BUNKER is connected with the Keystone Mine."
[Amador Dispatch, November 1, 1901, Jackson, Amador County, California]

Bunker Genealogy, p. 99
"Charles Emmons [Bunker] 8 [generation], b. 24 dec 1870, near Cottonwood Grove, Calif.; res. (June 1938) Apt 301, 691 Post St., San Francisco, Calif.; mining engineer; m. 26 Oct 1901, Amador City, Calif., Elizabeth Jane Culbert, b 21 Oct 1872, Amador City, Calif., dau. Thomas Culbert and Eliza Jane Meyers. No issue." 
CULBERT, Elizabeth Jane (I18958)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, R.T. (I11275)
19 (August 20, 1942 - July 3, 2014)
Mrs. Luthuania Culbert of Grove Oak passed away Thursday, July 3, 2014 at her residence.
Funeral: 2pm - Sunday July 6, 2014 Piney Grove Baptist Church
Minister: Rev. Dennis Mitchell Rev. Larry Haynes
Burial: Piney Grove Cemetery
Visitation: 4 till 8pm (Saturday)
(sister) Jimmie Sue Drain, of Fyffe
(brother) Willy Puckett, of Section
Several Nieces & Nephews, and Great Nieces & Great Nephews
Mrs. Culbert was a member of Piney Grove Baptist Church.
W.T. Wilson Funeral Chapel 
PUCKETT, Luthuania (I18941)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, B.S. (I15239)
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MCKEOWN, James (I17252)
22 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, J. (I23353)
23 10 Jul 2012, Times Argus, gates&pid=158473162&eid=sp_ommatch, viewed 11 Jul 2012
WATERBURY CENTER/HYDE PARK - Michael E. Gates, 59, a longtime resident of Waterbury Center and more recently of Hyde Park, passed away unexpectedly at his home July 4, 2012. Born in Munich, Germany, on April 30, 1953, he was the devoted son of the late Maurice E. and Barbara B. (Fisher) Gates. Michael was previously married to Claudine (Bouck) Williams, Jane (DeLaricheliere) Back and Susan CULBERT. Michael was proud to be a fifth-generation Vermonter. He was a 1971 graduate of Essex High School and continued his education at the University of Vermont where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife biology and later his Master of Science degree in environmental engineering. Michael was employed by the state of Vermont for 30 years in several departments that included the Fish and Wildlife Department, the Department of Health, and the Department of Natural Resources, from which he retired. Michael was known for his great sense of humor. He cherished his time with his family and close friends, especially his granddaughter, Lily Bay. His family lovingly remembers the joy he felt for being outdoors. He was passionate about hunting and enjoyed fishing and kayaking. An avid photographer of fish and wildlife, Michael also contributed articles to the Vermont Sports Magazine. He was a longtime animal lover and was a constant learner and avid reader. Michael is survived by his sons, Jeremy M. Gates and his wife, Jessica, of South Burlington and their daughter, Lily, and Kyle B. Gates, of Essex, and his son, Elijah G. Nadon; his brother, Barrett Gates, and his wife, Jacquelyne, of Morrisville, N.Y.; extended family, as well as his feline companion, Kramer. A celebration of Michael's life will be held from the Waterbury American Legion, 16 Stowe St., Waterbury, July 21, 2012, at 10 a.m. with a reception to follow. Inurnment will take place in the Gates family lot in Waterbury Center Cemetery. The family requests that flowers be omitted; rather memorial gifts would be appreciated to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund ( To send online condolences please visit us at or search for Michael E. Gates' tribute page on Facebook. Assisting the family is the Perkins-Parker Funeral Home and Cremation Service in Waterbury. Published in Times Argus on July 10, 2012 
GATES, Michael E. (I7643)
24 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, R.L. (I16)
25 10-13 Aug 2012, Forsyth County News, Obituary for Andrea Camille Johnson, mille-johnson&pid=159063705&fhid=3162&eid=sp_ommatch#fbLoggedOut, viewed 10 Aug 2012 ea-camille-johnson&pid=159082367&eid=sp_ommatch#fbLoggedOut, viewed 08/12/2012 [image]

Published in on August 12, 2012, Gainesville, GA
Andrea Camille Johnson, 47, of Gainesville passed away July 31, 2012, after a courageous battle with cancer. Born in Portsmouth, Va., she was the daughter of Bobbye Wright of Cumming and the late Douglas Wright. Her son, Ellery Johnson, also predeceased her. Andrea was a graduate of Cottey College and Brenau College. She was an avid sports fan and loved swimming and water sports. She was a longtime member of Cumming First United Methodist Church and had recently joined Civitan. Andrea was a special friend to many and she was cherished and loved by her family. In addition to her mother, Andrea is survived by her son, Alexander Robert Johnson of Cumming; brother, Joseph Matthew (Nancy) CULBERT of Orange Beach, Ala.; aunt, Betty (Leland) Chambers of Kennesaw; and a loving extended family. Memorial services for Andrea will be held Saturday, Aug. 18, at 11 a.m. at Cumming First United Methodist Church. A reception for family and friends will follow. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Halcyon Hospice at, the American Cancer Society at or 800.ACS.2345 or to PEO International at Condolences may be expressed online at McDonald and Son Funeral Home and Crematory [150 Sawnee Drive, Cumming, GA 30040. (770) 886-9899] is in charge of arrangements.
[Note: Andrea cannot be the natural daughter of Douglas & Bobbye Wright and the natural sister of Joseph Matthew Culbert. The correct relationship is unknown.] 
CULBERT, Andrea Camille (I10447)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, S. (I25047)
27 11 Feb 1992, Obituary, Kate Culbert Zorn, Chattanooga Times
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -
Zorn, Kate, 97, of Tiftonia, died Monday in a local nursing home. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ernest L. Zorn Sr. Survivors include two sons, Carter Zorn, East Ridge, and Ernest Zorn, Tiftonia. Services and burial will be private. Arrangements by Chattanooga Funeral Home. 
CULBERT, Kate (I2602)
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, J. (I19211)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, E. (I9231)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, M. (I24338)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CHUSTZ*, A. (I2865)
32 15 Sep 2013, Obituary for Vernon Culbert,
n=vernon-culbert&pid=166959814&fhid=12148&eid=sp_ommatch#fbLoggedOut, viewed 18 Sep 2013
Oct 21, 1930 - Sept 12, 2013 NICOMA PARK Vernon "Hoot" Virgil Culbert, 82, of Nicoma Park, Oklahoma, passed away September 12, 2013, after a short fight with an aggressive lung cancer. He was born in Levelland, Texas, to Henry and Sarah Culbert. Vernon was preceded in death by his mother and father; his wife, Jimmie Culbert; and three brothers, L.D., Joe, and Roland. He is survived by his son, Virgil Munsell; grandchildren, Brady and Cody; four great-grandchildren; nieces, Juanell, Rita Carol, and Sharon; nephew, Jim Culbert, his children, David and Mike; adopted family, Cathy, Dawn, Mark, and Savannah; and many friends. Vernon served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War with the 2nd Armored Division, "Hell on Wheels." He was proudly raised as a Master Mason in 1976 and was the Master of Del City 536 Ancient Free & Accepted Masons in 1986. He joined Scottish Rite as a 32? Mason in 1997 and also joined as a Shriner. A viewing will be held on Sunday, September 15, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Paylor Family Funeral Care in Midwest City, OK. A funeral service will be held 10 a.m. Monday, September 16 at Paylor funeral home, followed by burial at Oak Park Cemetery in Chandler, OK. Vernon's family and friends would like to send a special thanks to the Carter Hospice team and Dr. Dennis Parker for the care and comfort they provided during the last few weeks. Published in The Oklahoman on September 15, 2013 
CULBERT, Vernon Virgil (I3441)
33 15-20 1880 June, 313 E. 26th NY "was kicked by a horse," schedule pg 15 line 20 #1, became blind CULBERT, John (I18152)
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERT, L.C. (I30816)
35 16-17 Jan 2013, Obituary of Shirley Ann (Culbert) Renwick, ick&pid=162402063&eid=sp_ommatch&eid=sp_ommatch#fbLoggedOut, viewed 16 Jan 2013
Shirley Ann (CULBERT) Renwick, age 85, of Midland, died Sunday, January 13, 2013 at Mid-Michigan Stratford Village. The daughter of the late Elman L. and Grace M. (Teague) CULBERT was born in Saginaw on June 4, 1927. She graduated from Saginaw Arthur Hill High School in 1945 and then from Saginaw Business Institute. Shirley enjoyed attending Sanford United Methodist Church, reading, gardening and doing crafts. She had been employed with Midland County until her retirement in 1989 after 15 years of service. Surviving is her husband of 65 years, Roy C. Renwick, of whom she married on August 1, 1947; children, Terry (Lynn) Renwick of New Palestine, IN, Shelley (Charles) Knox of Plainwell, MI, Kevin (Dawn) Renwick of Midland, Helle (Peter) Korsbaek-Fritzburger of CopenHagen, Denmark an exchange student that became part of the family in 1968; eight grandchildren, Genny (Jerry) Durham, Trevor (Natalie) Renwick, Lauren (Jim) Mills, Abby (Christain) Marin, Nate Knox, Jon (Meghan Fate) Knox, Heidi (Jason) Vanderbrink, Kevin (Cami Huddleston) Renwick; great-grandchildren, Seth and Kara Durham, Maddox Fate, Grace Vanderbrink; sister, Marge (Robert) Frisch; brother-in-law, Tom Bennett. In addition to her parents, Shirley was preceded in death by her sister, Marie Bennett. Funeral services will take place 12 noon on Friday, January 18, 2013 at Sanford United Methodist Church. Rev. Anthony Cutting will officiate. Interment will be in Roselawn Cemetery, Saginaw. Family will receive friends at the church on Friday from 11:00 AM until the time of service. Memorials may be offered to Senior Services Adult Day Health Service. Personal messages of condolence may be offered to the family at Arrangements are under the care of the Wilson MILLER Funeral Home. Published in Saginaw News on from January 16 to January 17, 2013 
CULBERT, Shirley Ann (I18145)
36 17-18 Oct 2012, Obituary for David R. Hill,
n=david-r-hill&pid=160491504&eid=sp_ommatch#fbLoggedOut, viewed 18 Oct 2012
"David R. HILL (09/16/1939 - 10/14/2012). Born in Spokane, Washington to Lena and Ralph Hill. David is survived by his mother, Lena, sisters, Ellen Kiehn and husband Vern, Florence CULBERT, Joyce Miller and husband Bill. He is also survived by daughter Jackie Cardle and husband Jay and son Jason Morash. Also four granddaughters and three grandsons. He also is survived by many nieces, nephews, and cousins, and friends. David is also survived by Sharon Crain and her family. He was preceded in death by his wife Betty, father Ralph, grandson Ryan, one sister and brother. David was retired from Modern Machinery. He was a member of the Eagles for 52 years, and was a past Aerie Trustee in Auburn, Washington. He had served our country as a member of the National Guard. David was a member of a band while attending Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, Washington. David was a man who loved his family. There will be a celebration of life at the Auburn Eagles on October 20th from 11 am- 2:30 pm." 
HILL, David R. (I3832)
37 17-20 Jan 2013, Obituary of Doris Jean Kilroy,
obituary.aspx?n=doris-jean-kilroy-jean-culbert&pid=162417839&eid=sp_om match#fbLoggedOut, viewed 17 Jan 2013 [image]
Doris Jean Kilory[sic] died on January 7, 2013, at RiverBend Sacred Heart Medical Center Hospital in Springfield, Ore., following a long illness. She was born August 13, 1933, in Oxnard to Dewey and Hazel Culbert. She was the only child of the couple. Jean grew up in Somis and the surrounding area. She attended school in Somis through eighth grade. As a child, Jean learned to love animals, especially horses. With her dad at her side, she spent many hours riding her own horse over the hills near her home. Jean attended high school in Oxnard, and following graduation, attended Ventura Community College for two years and then went on to San Jose State College where she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. For ten years, Jean taught elementary school in Camarillo at Las Posas Elementary School. She truly enjoyed teaching, and she loved her students. In 1967, Jean married John Kilroy and the couple moved to Arlington, Va., where John was employed by the Department of Defense working for the Navy Department as a civilian. During the years that Jean and John were in Virginia, she did volunteer work and spent the majority of her time as a homemaker, developing a passionate interest in gourmet cooking. Jean enjoyed cooking for family and close friends until she became ill. In the summer of 1990, Jean and John relocated to Somis, to Jean's family home, to care for her aging mother, Hazel. Jean and John enjoyed their years in Somis where they pursued numerous interests together until John's passing in January of 2006. Besides her love for animals, Jean enjoyed reading, gardening, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family. She was preceded in death by her parents and husband of 38 years. The couple had no children. Jean is survived by her aunt, Ruth Harvey Ritchie (LaBrie) of Roseburg, Ore., and aunt, Priscilla Myers of Texas. In addition, she is survived by cousins, Rod (Doris), Rob (Sue) and Rick Harvey of Oregon, and Susan Cory (Walt) of Texas. John's siblings include Marion Flaherty (Dennis) and Kathleen Taylor (Richard) of New York as well as Jim Kilroy (Patricia) of Massachusetts. She is also survived by numerous family members in California. A memorial service will be held on February 21, at 1 p.m. at Conejo Mountain Memorial Park in Camarillo. Memorial contributions can be made to the Pleasant Valley Historical Society at 720 Las Posas Rd, Camarillo, Calif., 93010 or any organization of choice. Published in Ventura County Star from January 17 to January 20, 2013. 
CULBERT, Doris Jean (I11151)
38 1779 Supply Rates
East Pennsburgh Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Joshua Culbert
Acres, Horses, Cattle, Negroes
--, --, 1, --

1780 Supply Rates
East Pennsbro' Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Joshua Culbert
Acres, Horses, Cattle, Negroes
--, 1, 1, --

1781 Transcript of Taxables
East Pennsbro' Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Joshua Culbert
Acres, Horses, Cattle, Negroes
--, 1, 2, --

1782 Transcript of Taxables
East Pennsbro' Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Joshua Culbert
Acres, Horses, Cattle, Negroes
--, 1, 2, -- 
CULBERT, Joshua (I20065)
39 1790 U.S. Federal Census, Kent County, Maryland, Roll 3, p. 80, John Culbert household
two white males 16 - >16
one white male <16
two white females 
CULBERT, John (I15556)
40 1790 U.S. Federal Census, New York City, West Ward, New York, New York
John Culbert
1 male under 16
1 male 16 and over
3 females
5 total persons 
CULBERT, John (I3411)
41 18 Jul 1878, Delaware Gazette
"DIED. CULBERT - On the 14th inst., Walter, son of N.B. and Mary E. Culbert, aged 5 months and 5 days." 
CULBERT, Walter (I16725)
42 18 Sep 2013, Calgary Herald, Obituary for Jon Arthur Culbert
December 17, 1954 - September 6, 2013
Jon Arthur Culbert passed away at the Peter Lougheed Hospital on Friday, September 6, 2013 at the age of 58 years. Funeral Services will be held at McINNIS & HOLLOWAY'S Park Memorial Chapel (5008 Elbow Drive S.W., Calgary, AB) on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. Graveside Service to follow at Queen's Park Cemetery. Condolences may be forwarded through In living memory of Jon Culbert, a tree will be planted at Fish Creek Provincial Park. 
CULBERT, Jon Arthur (I1168)
43 1800 U.S. Federal Census, Roll 612, p. 395B, d73/f98, Anthony Culbert household, 356 Clinton [St.?], Detroit, E.D. 287, Wayne County, Michigan, U.S.A.
- Anthony Culbert, W, M, 33, head, marr, painter, b. NY, p.b. GER
- Bridget Culbert, W, F, 30, wife, marr., keeping house, b. CAN, p.b. IRE
- Mary Culbert, W, F, 11, dau., S, at school, b. MI, f.b. NY, m.b. CAN
- Maggie Culbert, W, F, 8, dau., S, at school, b. MI, f.b. NY, m.b. CAN

1900 U.S. Federal Census, E.D. 7, Ward 1, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, sheet 1B, family 17, Anthony Culbert household, accessed 20 Sep 2012, FHL microfilm 1240747
- Anthony Culbert; head; M; W; M16; 57; b. Jan 1843, New York; p.b. Belgium
- Regina Culbert; wife; F; W; M16, 10 children-6 living; 62; b. May 1838, Germany; p.b. GER; immig. 1854 
CULBERT, Anthony (I10250)
44 1820 U.S. Federal Census,
Males: one 16-26; one 16-45
Females: one <10; one 16-26
One person engaged in agriculture search on best matches for surname "Culbert" 18 Feb 2005 
CULBERT, James (I10476)
45 1820 U.S. Federal Census, Broadalbin, Fulton County, New York
---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------
Males: one 10-16; one 16-18; one 16-26; one >45
Females: two <10; one 10-16; one 16-45
One foreigner not naturalized search on best matches for surname "Culbert" 18 Feb 2004
[Note: see Steven Culbert on same page]

1840 U.S. Federal Census, Broadalbin, Fulton County, New York
---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------
"Duncan Culbert, age 60-69, 5 persons in household, 5 employed in agriculture; Other Males: 20-29; Other Females: 20-29, 30-39, 60-69; 1 primary & common schools, 34 scholars at public charge" 
CULBERT, Duncan (I10311)
46 1820 U.S. Federal Census, Broadalbin, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania
---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
Males: two <10; two 16-26; one >45
Females: four 10-16; one >45
Two persons engaged in agriculture
One person engaged in manufacture
Search on best matches for "Culbert" 18 Feb 2005
[See Duncan Culbert on same census page.] 
CULBERT, Steven (I23286)
47 1820 U.S. Federal Census, Ohio Twp., Beaver Co., Pennsylvania
---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------
Males: three <10; two 10-16; one 16-18; two 16-26; one >45
Females: two <10; one 16-45
Two persons engaged in agriculture
One other person except Indians not taxed search on best matches for surname "Culbert" 18 Feb 2005 
CULBERT, Robert (I6749)
48 1820 U.S. Federal Census, Ross Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------
Males: one <10; one 16-26
Females: one <10; one 16-26
One person engaged in agriculture search on best matches for surname "Culbert" 18 Feb 2005 
CULBERT, Stley (I19042)
49 1820 U.S. Federal Census, Ward 11, Baltimore, Maryland
Males: one <10; one 10-16; one 16-45
Females: three 10-16; one 16-45 search on best matches for surname "Culbert" 18 Feb 2004 
CULBERT, Thomas (I7058)
50 1820 U.S. Federal Census, Ward 4, New York City, New York
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
taken 29 Jan 1821
Males: one <10; one 16-45
Females: one <10; one 16-26
Two foreigners not naturalized
One person engaged in manufacture search on best matches for surname "Culbert" 18 Feb 2005
[There are two John Culbert households in Ward 4 in this census] 
CULBERT, John (I19192)

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