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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F18
BRODERICK, Thomas COLBERT, ? Abt. 1816 Cove of Cork, County Cork, Ireland  Variants of Culbert 
2 F17
BROWN, John MCGRATH, Ellen Jane 1852 St. James' Church, New York City, New York, U.S.A.  Variants of Culbert 
3 F14
COLBERT, David    Variants of Culbert 
4 F15
COLBERT, Michael    Variants of Culbert 
5 F24
COLBERT, Morris C. O'BRIEN, Margaret Jane   Variants of Culbert 
6 F33
CUBBERT, Frank ?, Margaret Bef. 1829 Prob. Ireland  Variants of Culbert 
7 F32
CULBARD, William ?, Jane   Variants of Culbert 
8 F31
CULBER, Douglas ?, Jane   Variants of Culbert 
9 F13
CULBERTH, John MASON, Catherine 29 Sep 1850 Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia  Variants of Culbert 
10 F22
CULBERTSON, ?    Variants of Culbert 
11 F4
CULBERTSON, ?    Variants of Culbert 
12 F5
CULBERTSON, Alexander    Variants of Culbert 
13 F21
CULBERTSON, James ?, Catharine Bef. 1800  Variants of Culbert 
14 F6
CULBERTSON, Samuel HENDERSON, Margaret 20 Mar 1761  Variants of Culbert 
15 F7
CULBERTSON, Samuel MCCLAY, Elizabeth 4 Feb 1777 Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church, Letterkenny Twp., Franklin County, Pennsylvania Colony  Variants of Culbert 
16 F27
CUTHBERT, ? ?, Mabel   Variants of Culbert 
17 F28
CUTHBERT, ? ?, Ellinor   Variants of Culbert 
18 F29
CUTHBERT, ? MINNITT, Sarah   Variants of Culbert 
19 F1
CUTHBERT, Isaac    Variants of Culbert 
20 F2
CUTHBERT, Isaac MCDOWELL, Elizabeth   Variants of Culbert 
21 F3
CUTHBERT, John REEL, Sarah   Variants of Culbert 
22 F26
CUTHBERT, William MAGINNISS, Emily 1791 Prob. Londonderry, Co. Londonderry, Ireland  Variants of Culbert 
23 F20
FOGARTY, Philip MCDONNELL, Johanna   Variants of Culbert 
24 F19
MCDONNELL, John COLBERT, Bridget   Variants of Culbert 
25 F16
MCGRATH, John COLBERT, Margaret 1815 Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland  Variants of Culbert 
26 F11
MOORE, Thomas Blair    Variants of Culbert 
27 F25
O'BRIEN, John HERLIHY, Jane   Variants of Culbert 
28 F8
REA, John CULBERTSON, Elizabeth Nov 1806  Variants of Culbert 
29 F10
RHEA, James MOORE, Ruth Blair  Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  Variants of Culbert 
30 F9
RHEA, Samuel SNODGRASS, Eleanor   Variants of Culbert 
31 F30
ROSS, Robert CULBERTSON, Agnes   Variants of Culbert 
32 F12
SCOTT, William RHEA, Elizabeth 1851  Variants of Culbert 
33 F23
TAYLOR, John CULBERTSON, Margaret   Variants of Culbert