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County Donegal, Ireland


Tree: Culbert
County/Shire : Latitude: 54.8661152, Longitude: -7.9954087


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 C.   I30600
2 ?, Esther  Bef. 1760County Donegal, Ireland I9358
3 AIKEN, Nancy  Abt 1742County Donegal, Ireland I27639
4 ANDERSON, Mary Ann  Abt 1811County Donegal, Ireland I23449
5 BOAL, David  1907County Donegal, Ireland I15085
6 BOAL, Eliza Jane  1905County Donegal, Ireland I1966
7 BOAL, Ellen Mary  1910County Donegal, Ireland I10536
8 BOAL, Frances Patterson  1912County Donegal, Ireland I17971
9 BOAL, James  1903County Donegal, Ireland I13951
10 BOAL, John  1901County Donegal, Ireland I18494
11 BOAL, Margaret  1902County Donegal, Ireland I6511
12 BOAL, William  1909County Donegal, Ireland I22516
13 BUCHANAN, Charles  15 Mar 1858County Donegal, Ireland I13343
14 CROCKETT, Liza  Abt 1780County Donegal, Ireland I22432
15 CULBERT, Andrew  1797County Donegal, Ireland I14617
16 CULBERT, Andrew  Abt. 1814County Donegal, Ireland I23908
17 CULBERT, Catherine  Abt 1823County Donegal, Ireland I7371
18 CULBERT, David  28 Feb 1822County Donegal, Ireland I1674
19 CULBERT, David  Abt 1880County Donegal, Ireland I19378
20 CULBERT, Elizabeth  Abt 1820County Donegal, Ireland I28014
21 CULBERT, Elizabeth Ann  Abt. 1852County Donegal, Ireland I19356
22 CULBERT, Esther Jane  Abt. 1816County Donegal, Ireland I28838
23 CULBERT, Hannah  Abt 1786County Donegal, Ireland I9576
24 CULBERT, James III  1 Aug 1810County Donegal, Ireland I27513
25 CULBERT, James  Abt 1850County Donegal, Ireland I29657
26 CULBERT, James  14 May 1885County Donegal, Ireland I28279
27 CULBERT, Jane  Abt. 1774County Donegal, Ireland I6217
28 CULBERT, Jane  Abt 1774County Donegal, Ireland I30471
29 CULBERT, Janet  Abt 1684County Donegal, Ireland I17712
30 CULBERT, John  Bef 1735County Donegal, Ireland I3746
31 CULBERT, John  Between 1815 and 1819County Donegal, Ireland I22888
32 CULBERT, Joseph  Abt 1818County Donegal, Ireland I29353
33 CULBERT, Margaret  1792County Donegal, Ireland I17112
34 CULBERT, Mary Ann  2 Aug 1858County Donegal, Ireland I9841
35 CULBERT, Mathew Gerald  12 Oct 1891County Donegal, Ireland I6079
36 CULBERT, Nancy Ann  Abt 1802County Donegal, Ireland I28920
37 CULBERT, Robert  Abt 1808County Donegal, Ireland I27887
38 CULBERT, Robert Sr.  1814-1815County Donegal, Ireland I11326
39 CULBERT, Robert  Abt 1854County Donegal, Ireland I30248
40 CULBERT, Samuel  Abt 1887County Donegal, Ireland I4287
41 CULBERT, Samuel John Sr.  26 Jul 1886County Donegal, Ireland I22604
42 CULBERT, Samuel John Sr.  26 Jul 1886County Donegal, Ireland I27194
43 CULBERT, Susan  16 Apr 1890County Donegal, Ireland I27986
44 CULBERT, Thomas  Abt 1775County Donegal, Ireland I2659
45 CULBERT, William  Abt 1757County Donegal, Ireland I19984
46 CULBERTSON, David  Abt. 1787County Donegal, Ireland I11338
47 CULBERTSON, James  25 Sep 1900County Donegal, Ireland I28684
48 CULBERTSON, John  Abt 1841County Donegal, Ireland I14984
49 CULLEN, William Sr.  1895County Donegal, Ireland I23819
50 EWING, E.   I27428

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Esther  Bef. 1844County Donegal, Ireland I9358
2 AIKEN, Nancy  Abt 1808County Donegal, Ireland I27639
3 BOYCE, Bridget  2 Aug 1933County Donegal, Ireland I30590
4 CROCKETT, Liza  County Donegal, Ireland I22432
5 CULBERT, Andrew  6 Nov 1861County Donegal, Ireland I23908
6 CULBERT, Elizabeth Ann  14 Jan 1897County Donegal, Ireland I19356
7 CULBERT, James Sr.  Feb 1833County Donegal, Ireland I867
8 CULBERT, James Sr.  Bef. 1844County Donegal, Ireland I1933
9 CULBERT, James  31 Mar 1886County Donegal, Ireland I28279
10 CULBERT, James  1918County Donegal, Ireland I29657
11 CULBERT, Margaret  17 Dec 1934County Donegal, Ireland I21582
12 CULBERT, Mary  Apr 1978County Donegal, Ireland I19201
13 CULBERT, Robert  Apr 1825County Donegal, Ireland I27887
14 CULBERT, Robert  1928County Donegal, Ireland I30248
15 CULBERT, Thomas  County Donegal, Ireland I2659
16 CULBERTSON, James  1 Jan 1972County Donegal, Ireland I28684
17 CULBERTSON, Mary  5 Aug 1919County Donegal, Ireland I18789
18 CULBERTSON, Mary  5 May 2013County Donegal, Ireland I27264
19 CULLEN, Bernard  Nov 1969County Donegal, Ireland I6147
20 CULLEN, Patrick  12 Mar 1930County Donegal, Ireland I23293
21 CULLEN, William Sr.  Abt. May 1938County Donegal, Ireland I23819
22 EWING, Jane  Bef 1832County Donegal, Ireland I18894
23 FERRY, Ann  1965County Donegal, Ireland I30626
24 GALLAGHER, Catherine  25 Jan 1956County Donegal, Ireland I30620
25 GALLAGHER, Charles Sr.  18 Jun 1987County Donegal, Ireland I27877
26 HANNIGAN, Charles  2010County Donegal, Ireland I27156
27 MCCLEAN, Robert  Between 1848 and 1857County Donegal, Ireland I14807
28 MCDERMOTT, James  Bef 1959County Donegal, Ireland I30607
29 MCGETTIGAN, Edward G.  16 Oct 1978County Donegal, Ireland I9936
30 MCGETTIGAN, Frances Lorraine V.  8 Feb 1983County Donegal, Ireland I9396
31 MCGETTIGAN, James  1951County Donegal, Ireland I30610
32 MCGETTIGAN, M.   I5380
33 MCGETTIGAN, Matthew Sr.  14 Jul 2006County Donegal, Ireland I23060
34 MCGETTIGAN, Patrick Columba  30 Jul 2000County Donegal, Ireland I30623
35 MCGRENRA, Philip Sr.  17 Oct 1999County Donegal, Ireland I27687
36 PARK, Elizabeth  Abt 1848County Donegal, Ireland I27740
37 PARK, Robert  County Donegal, Ireland I29705
38 SHIELDS, William  Yes, date unknownCounty Donegal, Ireland I8813


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CULBERT, J.  Aft. 20 Apr 1848County Donegal, Ireland I6552
2 CULBERT, James  1865County Donegal, Ireland I14961
3 CULBERT, Lucinda  1831County Donegal, Ireland I1831
4 CULBERT, Ng  1843County Donegal, Ireland I18374
5 CULBERT, Nr  1853County Donegal, Ireland I19511


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CULBERT, Andrew  1798County Donegal, Ireland I14617


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 STRAIN, Margaret  County Donegal, Ireland I12933


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ? / CULBERT   F3011
2 ? / CULBERT   F1453
3 ? / MCGETTIGAN   F6178
4 CULBERT / ?   F694
5 CULBERT / ?   F2255
6 CULBERT / ?   F7443
7 CULBERTSON / LYNAGH  Abt May 1931County Donegal, Ireland F8756
8 HANNIGAN / CULBERTSON  2 Feb 1960County Donegal, Ireland F8110
10 MERCER / CULBERT  Abt 1808County Donegal, Ireland F4624