The Culbert Family Genealogy Project:
 Connecting a Migratory People

New Zealand


Tree: Culbert

Country : Latitude: -41.81717984084206, Longitude: 172.529296875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CULBERT, Agnes  1872New Zealand I21376
2 CULBERT, Charles Albert  1877New Zealand I753
3 CULBERT, Edmund John  1874New Zealand I13411
4 CULBERT, Gilbert  1896New Zealand I8862
5 CULBERT, Helena Jane Annie  1889New Zealand I24867
6 CULBERT, Janet Soroul  1873New Zealand I9469
7 CULBERT, K.  Bef 1903New Zealand I3904
8 CULBERT, Rae Carrington  Between 1932 and 1933New Zealand I6036
9 CULBERT, Sophia Ellen  1881New Zealand I8328
10 CULBERT, William  1866New Zealand I23517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CULBERT, Agnes  1894New Zealand I21376
2 CULBERT, Albert George  1959New Zealand I16758
3 CULBERT, Alexander  1922New Zealand I8780
4 CULBERT, Anita Jean  1998New Zealand I5295
5 CULBERT, Ann Jennie  1945New Zealand I20850
6 CULBERT, Betty Marie  1994New Zealand I22748
7 CULBERT, Charles Albert  1943New Zealand I753
8 CULBERT, Edmund John  1875New Zealand I13411
9 CULBERT, Elizabeth  1848New Zealand I285
10 CULBERT, Frank Walter  2000New Zealand I13341
11 CULBERT, George Amos  1978New Zealand I16851
12 CULBERT, Jacob  1869New Zealand I16828
13 CULBERT, James  1912New Zealand I21907
14 CULBERT, Janet  1909New Zealand I17365
15 CULBERT, John  1963New Zealand I17886
16 CULBERT, Katherine Cecily  1961New Zealand I4767
17 CULBERT, Mary Jane  1950New Zealand I13872
18 CULBERT, Phyllis May  2001New Zealand I20771
19 CULBERT, Richard  1876New Zealand I10396
20 CULBERT, Robert  1909New Zealand I23742
21 CULBERT, Robert William  1968New Zealand I214
22 CULBERT, William  1867New Zealand I4846
23 CULBERT, William  Abt. 23 Mar 1880New Zealand I21720
24 CULBERT, William  1916New Zealand I12803
25 CULBERT, William Donald  1887New Zealand I9388
26 CULBERT, William Sproule  1935New Zealand I12733
27 GREEN, Mary Ann  1871New Zealand I17445
28 HICKEY, Catherine  1918New Zealand I893
29 HIRST, Hilda  1965New Zealand I18968
30 JONES, Mary Jane  1950New Zealand I4986
31 KUNST, Sophia Ellen  1905New Zealand I823
32 MASON, Caroline Anne  1958New Zealand I12426
33 MOORE, Lily May  1959New Zealand I444
34 WETHERELL, Sarah  1909New Zealand I14952
35 YOUNG, June Claire  2003New Zealand I12274


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration    Person ID 
1 CULBERT, Thomas  Abt. 1870-1877New Zealand I20868


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 CULBERT, J.H.   I00121


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ? / CULBERT   F1811
2 BARKER / CULBERT  1892New Zealand F5727
3 BROWNLEE / CULBERT  1878New Zealand F4925
4 CULBERT / BISHOP  1866New Zealand F3368
5 CULBERT / BURFORD  1888New Zealand F1010
6 CULBERT / HAYES  1857New Zealand F4170
7 CULBERT / HICKEY  1872New Zealand F5252
8 CULBERT / JONES  1 Jul 1914New Zealand F4452
9 CULBERT / KUNST  1876New Zealand F17
10 CULBERT / MASON  1925New Zealand F818
11 CULBERT / MCKENZIE  1929New Zealand F2894
12 CULBERT / MOORE  12 Sep 1906New Zealand F6010
13 CULBERT / RAE  1930New Zealand F537
14 MATTHEWS / CULBERT  1871New Zealand F2568