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1796 Ireland Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement (Flax) List

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  • Title 1796 Ireland Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement (Flax) List 
    Short Title 1796 Ireland Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement (Flax) List 
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    Andrew CULBERT
    Gabriel CULBERT
    James CULBERT
    James CULBERT
    James CULBERT, Sr.
    John CULBERT
    Joseph CULBERT
    Samuel CULBERT, Jr.
    Samuel CULBERT, Sr.
    Samuel CULBERT
    Thomas CULBERT
    Thomas CULBERT
    William CULBERT
    William CULBERT
    William CULBERT
    William CULBERTSON
    William CULBERTSON 

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    • A List of Persons to whom Premiums for sowing Flax-Seed in the Year 1796 have been adjudged by the Trustees of the Linen Manufacture. Pursuant to the Scheme offered by them for encouraging the Growth of Flax throughout the Kingdom, viz., "To the Person who should sow between the 10th Day of March and the 1st Day of June 1796, with a sufficient Quantity of good found Flax-seed, any Quantity of Land, well prepared and fit for the purpose, not less than 1 Acre--4 Spinning Wheels,---3 Roods 3 Ditto, ---2 Roods--2 Ditto,---1 Rood--1 Ditto. And to the Person who should sow in like Manner any Quantity of like Land, not less than 5 Acres, a Loom, or Wheels, Reels, or Hatchells to the Value of 50 Shillings, and for every 5 Acres over and above the first five a like Premium."
    • Results from Fáilte Romhat:
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      Surname First Name Parish/Barony County
      Following are the exact matches:
      Culbert Samuel Killygarvan Donegal
      Culbert Thomas Clondermot Derry
      Culbert John Templemore Donegal
      Culbert Samuel, Jr. Kilmacrenan Donegal
      Culbert Samuel, Sr. Kilmacrenan Donegal
      Culbert William Clondavaddog Donegal
      Culbert Thomas Killea Donegal
      Culbert James Taughboyne Donegal
      Culbert Joseph Rye Donegal
      Culbert James Kilmacrenan Donegal
      Culbert William Clondermot Derry
      Culbert Andrew Leck Donegal
      Culbert William Dunboe Derry
      Culbert Gabriel Drumroosk Donegal
      Culbert James All Saints Donegal

      These are matches starting with the search string:
      Culberton John Donacavey Tyrone
      Culbertron Robert Donacavey Tyrone
      Culbertson Robert Urney Tyrone
      Culbertson Joseph Cappagh Tyrone
      Culbertson William Donacavey Tyrone
      Culbertson William Stranorlar Donegal
      Culbertson Samuel Faughanvale Derry
      Culbertson Widow ??? Faughanvale Derry
    • Extracted from:
      On this list, all Culberts in Ireland were in County Donegal, except for 3 who were in County Derry. There were 5 Culbertsons in County Tyrone, 2 in County Derry, and 1 in County Donegal. There were no Cuthberts!
      The Spinning Wheel Survey or the Flax Growers List provides the names of almost 60,000 flax growers across Ireland (not all counties are represented - Dublin and Wicklow are not) who were incentivised to grow the crop by the Irish Linen Board. Spinning wheels were given to families based on the number of acres of flax planted. The northern counties of Tyrone and Donegal had the largest number of spinning wheels awarded. A quarter acre of flax equaled one spinning wheel and those who grew over five acres or more received a loom, reels or List to the value of fifty shillings.