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1823-1869 Index to Certificates of Freedom

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  • Title 1823-1869 Index to Certificates of Freedom  
    Short Title 1823-1869 Index to Certificates of Freedom 
    Repository New South Wales, State Archives and Records 
    Source ID S79 
    Linked to John CULBERT 

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    • Searched Jan 2009, one Culbert record found.

      Records extracted from three record series, each entry in the index provides convict's surname, forename, aliases (if any), ship, year of arrival, Certificate of Freedom or Colonial Certificate of Freedom number, date of Certificate, State Records item number, Reel number(s), and remarks. When mentioned in the body of the Certificate, cross-references are given to previous and subsequent Certificate of Freedom, Conditional Pardon and Ticket of Leave numbers, aliases, and the names of spouses and occasionally other family members. A Certificate of Freedom was a document stating that a convict's sentence had been served and was usually given to convicts with a 7, 10 or 14 year sentence. Convicts with a life sentence could receive a Pardon, but not a Certificate of Freedom. The Certificate of Freedom number was sometimes annotated on the indent or noted on a Ticket of Leave Butt. Colonial Certificates of Freedom relate to sentences received for offences committed after arrival in the colony.